Dance Ballerina________by Leila


Freedom´90(George Michael)

I won´t let you down, I will not give you up! Gonna have some faith in the ground,     It´s the one good thing that I´ve got!         I won´t let you down,                               so please don´t give me up!                Cause I would really, really love,             just take around,                                        oh yeah!

I didn´t know I was just a young boy, didn´t  know what I wanna to be.                I was every little hungry school girls pride and joy,                                                   and I guess it was enough for me.             To win the race, a prettier face,    brandnew clothes and a big fat place on rock´n´roll-tv.                                          But today that we are playin the game it´s not the same no way,                                  I never saw you so unhappy.

I think there´s something you should know  I think it´s time I´ll stop the show         There´s something deep inside of me There´s someone else I´ve got to be      Take back your pictures in afraid           Take back your singing in the rain                I just hope you understand sometimes a joke and not make comments!

All we have to do now,                                is take these lies and make them true somehow                                                  All we have to see,                                       is that I don´t belong to you                    and you don´t belong to me.

Freedom, freedom, freedom              You´ve got to give her what she takes Freedom, freedom, freedom                     So please just give her what she takes


Look around, everywhere you turn is holic It´s everywhere that you go                     You try, everything you do can´t escape The pain of that what you know              Let´s play the music and you´ll learn to be something better than you are today           I know a place where you can get away   It´s on the dancefloor and he´s what it´s for so

come on, VOGUE let your body move to the music, hey hey hey! Come on, VOGUE let your body go with the flow, you know that you´ll do it!

All you need is your own imagination, so use it that´s what it´s for. Don´t hide you will get your inspiration, just open up the door! Let cool down swing and you´ll learn to be something better than you are today, go on the dance floor, cause it´s what it´s for so


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